About Us

Moscado Maine Coons is a family-based breeder of Maine Coons situated in the northern suburbs of Perth, aiming to breed healthy and home-raised Maine Coon kittens from imported lines.


We are a recognized and registered breeder with the Cat Owner’s Association of Western Australia (COAWA) – please feel free to contact COAWA to verify our membership.


All breeding Maine Coons will be tested for, prior to breeding; HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) via ultrasound and DNA swab; hip/elbow dysplasia via x-ray; PKD (polycystic kidney disease) via ultrasound and DNA swab; SMA (spinal muscular dystrophy) via DNA swab and PKDef (pyruvate kinase deficiency) via DNA swab.


***All health tests can be sited upon visitation of kittens – copies of all health test results are also given with each kitten, in their kitten pack***

Moscado's Star Wars and Keepers Litters - photo by Diana Andersen of Animal Images Photography

Moscado Meaning....

"MO" comes from my first ever cats name - MOLLY - Molly was a tiny domestic short hair torti, with a very LARGE purr-sonality. Molly passed away in 2012 to kindey failure at the age of 9.


"SCA" comes from my first ever pedigree cats name - SCARLETT - Scarlett was a stunning Somali cat bred by Joylincar Somalis and Abyssinians. Scarlett was also my first show cat and brought me in to the world of pedigree cats. Scarlett passed away in 2017 due to kidney failure.


"DO" comes from my first ever Maine Coons pedigree name - DORIAN GRAY aka CASPER - Casper is a stunning blue silver classic tabby Maine Coon from FullofCharm Maine Coons in NSW. When Casper hit the show scene, he won supreme exhibit in show! He was an absolute delight to show and now lives with a fellow Maine Coon female, enjoying his retirement.